Ezana Kids Camps                                                         

Parent Notice:  Here is the link to all the pictures from Ezana Camps 2018.   

Ezana camps are camps where kids can . . .                                                 

  • make friends

  • cultivate a skill

  • contribute to the community

  • have fun

  • become cognizant of, and secure in the truth that they are valued both by God and others.


         2018 Camps: Archery;  Arts & Crafts;  Camping;  Cooking & Baking;  Fitness & Fabrication S.T.E.A.M.;  Sewing;  Woodworking

Look at the camps that interests your child.  Click the Camps & Costs button above to see dates, prices, and age groups for each camp.

Questions and/or concerns,  call the church at 724.846.6144 or email EzanaGodIsKing@gmail.com 

Thank you for your interest in Ezana camps. Give your child a fantastic memory and sign up today.




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