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About us

Loving God          Following Jesus          Serving All
We are a vibrant community of active and involved members who engage in spiritual pursuits. We are centered in worship of the ever-loving God, who meets us where we are with grace, forgiveness, and hope.  We are growing as faithful disciples--exploring, learning, and nurturing our relationships with Jesus Christ and each other. We strive to serve the world around us, locally and globally.
So, let us be brave here, and ask a simple question.  Why should you explore this church family?
  • To experience for yourself, an amazing, loving God.
  • To be touched by the grace, mercy, and hope of Jesus Christ.
  • To discover being loved, just as we are loved, by the unconditional love of Jesus.
  • To accept that on occasions, in our attempts to love others as Christ loves us, we are going to fail. 
It matters not to us where you are from, or what you have been through, we are simply glad you are here.

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